Three-Phase electricity Meter Tester And Inspection MT-331

Three-Phase electricity Meter Tester And Inspection MT-331

Three-Phase electricity Meter Tester And Inspection MT-331

MT331 is a portable device made for test and inspection of single and three phase cosumer measurment devices. this device is designed by the test and inspection standards of national distribution companies and is able to test various digital and mechanical single and three phase meters.

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MT331 MT331 MT331 MT331 Three-Phase electricity Meter Tester And Inspection MT-331

Main Features

  • Null current measument separate from other phases currents
  • Complete isolation of digital section from power measurment section
  • Equiped with protection circuits to prevent probable shocks and user faults due to wrong electronic connections
  • With a special connector for connecting all clamps in order to reduce the cable amount excess disturbance.
  • Protection against excess current due to short circuit in attachable accessories
  • Device calibration with 2 different clamps
  • Digital pulse counter attachment capability
  • Meter data reading through optical port capability
  • File access level restrictions and valid working hours time definition for meter readers
  • Battery replacement with no need or opening the device
  • Intelligent charging system for controlling the charging process
  • Geophraphical location entry using GPS (if requested)
  • Capable of registering all observations and measuring device specifications
  • Testing of single phase, three phase, avtive, reactive, demanding and undemanding digital and mechanical electricity meters


Registered and shown Parameters Voltage, Current, phase difference, visual power, active power, reactive power, frequency and temperature
Power Source Li-Ion   3500mAh
Communication Ports USB, RS232
Information registery capacity 1600 to 4800 consumers
Measured voltage Maximum 400 v
Measured current for 200 A clamp 0.1 - 200 A
for 500 A clamp 0.4 - 500 A
for 1000 A clamp 0.4 - 1000 A
Working frequency 50 Hz
Measurable power factor -1 to +1
Optimal working range -10 to +55
Diameters 22x11x4 cm
Weight 540 gr
Calibration in 2 current ranges
GPS Module GPS L1 , 1575.42 MHz band frequency
Glonass L1 1598.0652 ~ 1605.375 MHz
first start less than 35 s
channel count 99
accuracy 2.-20m


  • Current Clamp x3
  • Voltage probe x4
  • Bag
  • Cover
  • Charger
  • Serial Cable
  • USB Cable
  • Device and clam connector