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    Electromagnetic Smart Water Meter

    The MWM-500 smart meter uses the electromagnetic metering mechanism and is designed to monitor the usage of water resources according to the environmental conditions. In addition to precisely measuring the water usage, it is able to record and save all the events and information on water usage from the well. This meter is able to send its data to the metering software by connecting to the smart electricity meter and cellular networks, and receive necessary data from the metering software.

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    SCADA control systems

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    MT-403 Bluetooth Power Meter Test and Inspection

    The MT-403 is a portable device designed to test the meter and measure the electrical parameters of the network, as well as calculate the error rate of the meter under test and transfer this information to the linked application (Android) through the Bluetooth communication platform.This device is designed in accordance with the standard testing and inspection processes of measuring devices of power distribution companies of the country and is capable of testing all types of single-phase and three-phase mechanical and digital meters.

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    SA500 Android app client's gas meter reader

    SA500 is an Android app for reading gas meters, which, in addition to having all the features of the previous reader, brings unique features and functionality. The new user interface, the ability to create a variety of reports and charts, and the ability to install on a variety of phones and tablets are only part of the capabilities of this system.

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    SA-400 Android app data collector

    This product is an Android application for data collection in industrial environments (power plants, petrochemicals and refineries). The new user interface, the ability to create a variety of reports and graphs, and the ability to use all the capabilities of a smart tablet, is only part of the system's capabilities. Installing it on a variety of Android tablets and smart phones is an advanced alternative to the process of registering important parameters in Logsheet.

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    CMS-400 - Meteorological Monitoring System Data Logger

    CMS-400 is a data logger that its hardware and software structure is modular and based on the RTOS method, which enables it to be used in meteorological, hydrological and environmental measurement systems. The system is designed to monitor atmospheric conditions such as temperature, humidity, pressure, velocity and wind direction, etc.

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